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Becoming a partner reseller, who is it for?

* Retailers, small traders, self-employed people wanting to make a living from the sale of natural products.
* Works council (CE)
* Distribution brand specializing in organic and fair trade
* Commercial with a distribution network, wholesaler.
* Cosmetics brands that already have a strong influence and for which we manufacture existing formulas or develop new ones (OEM possible).
* Tourism professionals,: we have guest soaps. A perfect gift for your lodges, guest houses, vacation rentals.
* Individual wishing to supplement their income while contributing to a noble project.
* OEM / custom manufacturing

Why choose to resell our products?

Our products are very popular at trade shows, craft fairs and farmers' markets. We are producers of organic natural soap. Soap is an essential natural product that customers renew regularly. We can therefore provide you with specially the selenium camellia products you need.

Very visually attractive, our cold process and grinding soaps meet a growing audience every day.

For permanent businesses, we have very elegant white or ecru kraft packaging, supplemented by demonstration soaps, but we prefer to supply in bulk, without packaging. If you have any questions about selling our products, please know that we can generally adapt for each reseller.

The quality to price ratio is excellent. Our range is regularly supplemented. We provide communications visuals, bags in our colors, various labeling…

Between “organic that comes from far away” and “local” we have chosen proximity, for a correct carbon footprint!

  • Materials

    De La Grace offers the natural and organic camellia materials, including selenium camellia oil, camellia seeds powder, camellia essential oil, they are wild harvested.

  • Natural Soaps

    Not only we offer selenium camellia soaps, we also offer 100% naturel and organ soap bars.

  • Solid Shampoo

    We also produce herbals formulated solid shampoo bars.

  • Natural Solid Balm

    Rarely we produce natural solid balm for automobiles and cloth shelf. This is not our regular products but we offer as per order.

  • OEM/ Customize your brand

    We offer OEM service. We work on custom formula or OEM your brand name.

  • Custom Packaging

    Your soaps, under your brand, in record time? We can do it, at very competitive costs!

We do promise...

* Fast processing times and tailor-made advice for each order.
* Dispatch of your order within 48 working hours upon validation.
* Craftsmen who listen attentively and are available to answer any questions.
* Continuous production and careful organization to ensure the supply of your stores.

Supplier manufacturer of organic, natural and quality soaps and camellia products

About Our Company
At De La Grace, we pride ourselves on being a trusted natural soaps supplier, specializing in the manufacturing of high quality artisan soaps. Our commitment to quality, authenticity and innovation has allowed us to become an industry leader.

Our commitment to nature and your well-being
As staunch defenders of the environment and the well-being of our customers, we strive to create products that respect nature and your skin. All our soaps and other products are made from natural ingredients rigorously selected for their benefits. Our team of passionate experts work closely with herbalists and dermatologists to create balanced and safe formulas for all skin types.

The artisanal production of our soaps

The artisanal production of our soaps is at the heart of our process. Each soap is meticulously designed and handcrafted in our workshop. We favor traditional methods to preserve the beneficial properties of the natural ingredients we use. Each stage of production is carried out with care and in compliance with the strictest quality standards.

A complete range of natural products
In addition to our artisanal soaps, we also offer a complete range of natural products. We have created a diverse collection to meet all your zero waste skincare and natural beauty needs.

Become a partner reseller
We are proud to work with partners who share our passion for natural cosmetics and sustainable values. If you are interested in reselling our artisanal soaps and natural cosmetic products, we offer tailor-made partnership solutions. As an organic soap wholesaler, we offer competitive pricing and dedicated support to help you grow your business.

Reselling our products saves you:
making your own handmade soap.

* having to make all legal declarations, product declarations, etc.
* sourcing high quality raw materials. (From now on, we deal directly with producers, which ensures impeccable quality and responsible sourcing).

Resale allows you:

* to concentrate on your main activity and not have to worry about production.
* to save time because making a handmade soap or shampoo soap takes a lot of time. At least to arrive at a product that is out of the ordinary and that really brings something!
* to “standing on our shoulders” so that you can devote yourself entirely to growing your business.
* to have a trusted and excellent quality product from a responsive supplier.

The trust of a loyal customer base
Thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have gained the trust of a loyal clientele who appreciate our products for their effectiveness and benefits. Positive feedback from our customers is a constant source of inspiration for us to continue to innovate and offer the best possible products.

Contact us today
If you would like to learn more about our products, become a reseller partner, or have any questions about our manufacturing process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you and respond to all your requests.

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