I am a testing blog

I am a testing blog

“We are using up our natural resources and at the same time polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals. if we continue to do this, life on earth cannot survive.”

As a company dedicated to all natural things, we strive to become more "green" every day, and we are always looking for better alternatives to Mother Earth and its residents.

We reuse, recycle and compost every day to reduce waste and our environmental impact. Here are some simple measures we have taken to help prevent waste from entering the landfill.

-Our packaging is 99% free of plastic.
-We do not use ingredients such as rosewood, sandalwood or frankincense oil from endangered or threatened plants.
-We also support sustainable and healthy agriculture by purchasing natural and organic ingredients. Organic farming improves our environmental quality by protecting our land and groundwater from pollution and promoting sustainable resource use and soil and water conservation.


What does biodegradable mean? According to the definition, biodegradable refers to simple substances that can be decomposed into environmentally friendly substances through the action of organisms (such as natural bacteria).

Bubble Land natural soap and 99% fillers are biodegradable

There are many soap manufacturers who, out of good intentions, claim that their biodegradable soap or shampoo can be used safely in rivers and streams. If used carelessly, even biodegradable soap will eventually pollute lakes and streams.

The bacteria that decompose soap mainly exist in the soil. This means that when you wash, make sure that your soap wash water ends up in the soil away from fresh water sources such as lakes, rivers, and streams.


At Bubble Land, we obviously do not test our finished products on animals (except for human volunteers). Our purchase order contracts with all suppliers include a commitment to purchase cruelty-free raw materials. We also do not sell products to markets that require animal testing.


At Bubble Land Soaps, we do not use ingredients that contain genetically modified ingredients!

Although you do not eat the products produced by Bubble Land, we are very concerned about the impact of genetically modified organisms on the environment.

For example, farmers and environmentalists worry that genetically modified crops are resistant to herbicides such as soybeans, which will lead to more herbicide use and further pollute groundwater, lakes and rivers.


The plastic packaging industry is valued at nearly 200 billion U.S. dollars and annually produces more than a huge amount of plastic packaging worldwide. Sadly, only a small part of it is recycled, and most of the plastic is just thrown away.

Plastic waste now surrounds our planet. It fills every corner of our beautiful planet, from the deepest trench to the remote areas of Antarctica.

To be honest, "plastic is not good, let's use something else" may help reduce the amount of plastic, but we know what we really need is to start by changing the way we use product packaging.

We need to get rid of the "use and throw away" habit of most packaging nowadays. Before we figure it out-as a company, we are doing our best to use more and more environmentally friendly packaging materials.

We believe that our customers are not looking for a lot of "beautiful" packaging, they are looking for high-quality natural products in environmentally friendly packaging provided by environmentally conscious companies.

Our mission is to make our customers healthier and make our planet greener.

We are committed to healthy skin, healthy people and a healthy planet.

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