We are committed to bringing you products that are safe, non-toxic, and support the health of the skin. We create products that we would use on ourselves, selecting high quality, cosmetic-grade ingredients that are effective.

Whilst we believe in having a lot of fun while making colourful and delightful products, we take great pride in making sure they work as well as they look. We include many active ingredients for specific therapeutic reasons, with the sole objective of improving your skin health. 


No Animal Testing + Vegan Only 

All of our formulations are always created from scratch and tested by us (and our families and friends), and never on animals. We select only vegan ingredients to be used in our products to be truly cruelty free.


Fresh + Handmade

Every batch is carefully made in small batches in our studio with fresh and natural ingredients. We use ingredients like therapeutic grade essential oil, plant-based food-grade oil, cosmetic grade clays, plant-derived preservatives, and avoid nasties like parabens, mineral oil, petroleum. 


Environment + Sustainability

Solid soap is a sustainable product in itself. In a constant bid to protect our planet, this is one of the easiest eco-friendly switch you can make. A consumer study found that people use almost 7 times more liquid soap compared to bar soap — which translates to more raw material wastage, energy and carbon emission. Not to mention the plastic bottles they come in which inevitably end up in landfills. We do not package soaps in our store with plastic packaging to eliminate the environmental impact plastic has at its production and disposal life cycle. We also make a conscious decision not to formulate our soaps with palm oil, steering away from the harmful effects of its production on the environment.

We aim to minimize our impacts on the planet with good practices. We have a low waste policy in our process of making products. Jars and containers from our supplies are constantly re-used and repurposed. All plastic protection materials (bubble wraps/air cushions), if any, used in our shipping are 100% reused from other parcels/supplies sent to us.

Whilst it is not possible to have be zero waste at this time, we are constantly working towards reducing all unnecessary waste. If you have clean bubble wrap/air cushions/packing materials that you would like to donate for our shipping purposes, please contact us at 

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