Why De La Grace


Brand Features

* De La Grace handmade cold soap is gentle and less irritating to the skin. It also contains glycerin and has an outstanding moisturizing effect.
* De La Grace handmade cold soap foam will be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by bacteria after 24 hours of contact with water, which will not cause water pollution.
* Low-temperature hand-made: Purely hand-made at 45°C, retaining the simplicity and natural characteristics of its plant raw materials and minimal loss of nutrients, embodying natural beautification and health.
* Careful and simple: every soap is carefully designed by De La Grace, paying attention to details and full of charm.

Process Advantages

* Hand-made at ultra-low temperature at the critical point of 45℃;
* The main ingredients are natural and simple, try not to exceed 7 types;
* Use virgin vegetable oil and plant essential oils, no additives;
Mature naturally in 60 days under standard humidity;
* Can be drawn after waking up soap (except shampoo soap);
* No irritation, your skin can feel moisturized and not tight after washing your face;
* The foam is easily decomposed, and the packaging design is green and environmentally friendly, with no pollution to the environment.

The Charm of Details

* Natural raw materials, the opportunity to have close contact with nature around the world.
* Carefully hand-made, each piece is a work of art, comfortable everywhere, the square design with appropriate proportions is in line with the most comfortable holding position of the hand; the weight design of 80-100g is just enough for one handmade cold soap use cycle; light and soft The fragrance is like nature lingering around you;
* The natural scent of plant essential oils/hydrosol can purify not only the atmosphere, but also the soul;
The delicate foam gently massages every pore, leaving the skin as soft and smooth as silk. It not only washes away the fatigue all over the body, but also washes away the daily troubles and complexity;
* The uniquely designed packaging is more suitable as a gift; a sword is given to a hero, and soap is given to a confidant. * Carrying a box of soap brings not only blessings, but also a desire to return to nature and cleanse the heart.