Brand Story


De La Grace originated from an accidental friendship exchange between China and the Netherlands in 2008. During an environmental protection theme exchange, Kevin L and Marcel Bult from the Netherlands talked about the increasing number of chemical substances contained in our daily products, and how these chemicals The negative impact substances have on us, our children and our planet, and as soap is skin-friendly, people want to be more environmentally friendly and stay away from harsh products and chemical pollution.

However, most chemical soaps, even many called handmade soaps, are still made with artificial colors and flavors. There had to be a way to make all-natural soap with no artificial or synthetic ingredients that was both effective and safe. We figured...if I'm looking for natural soap, so will everyone else!

Therefore, we combined traditional Chinese ancient methods with high-quality European formulas, tried and improved repeatedly, and after hundreds of experiments and dozens of extensive tests by volunteers, DLG pure natural handmade cold soap was finally born. Its unique charm is deeply loved by consumers.

Simple compositions,natural active ingredients, real nature and organic products .