About De La Grace


  • We dream and plan to promote nature and organic to a big vision.

    We produce natural soaps, until now we only produce natural soaps. We want to make skin and hair better and better. We will continue to pursue this mission and goal waveringly. You, our customer, deserve to be owned.

    Well, enjoy the time with us and enjoy shopping here.

    --Kevin Lee ( DLG funder)

The core competitiveness of De La Grace lies in the natural beauty and excellent quality of natural handmade soap products at 45°C.


Soap is the staple food in the bath, usually full of natural goodwill. But at some stage, soap fell out of favor.


As medicine and science develop more and more in our lives, the lack of soap and the growth of synthetic and environmentally harmful products in plastic bottles seem to be inconsistent with global trends. People want to be more environmentally friendly and stay away from irritating products and pollutants. We are increasingly worried about how many chemicals are in our skin care products and the adverse effects these chemicals have on us, our children and our planet.

However, most chemical soaps, even many named handmade soaps, are still made with artificial colors and flavors. There must be a way to make a lovely all-natural soap with no artificial or synthetic ingredients that is both effective and safe. I think...Of course, if I'm looking for organic and natural soaps, so are everyone else!


After hundreds of days of research and development, dozens of trials, and 6 extensive tests by people, our soap designers and manufacturers funded the soap handmade at a low temperature of 45 ℃, retaining the characteristics of simple materials and natural nutrition. And the loss of soap is very small. Nutrients of plants. And it matures naturally in 30 days under standard temperature and humidity, we can guarantee the mild soap quality to the greatest extent, and keep PH≤8.


Especially adopting De La Grace workshop's brand-new concept and craft "45℃ low temperature manual method", and finally giving good products to the De La Grace family! No chemicals, natural and healthy.

We are proud to adhere to our original mission and goal-to produce purely natural skin care products, no artificial or synthetic ingredients, no genetically modified ingredients, only healthy ingredients you can trust.


We focus on the 45 ℃ natural handmade soap series, made with the highest quality and pure ingredients, including only pure essential oils to create an uplifting and nourishing fragrance. Our natural soaps and all-natural skin care products work gently with your skin, making it the perfect choice for all skin types and ages. We are proud to produce exquisite soaps based on love and sustainable development. Browse our soap shop to find the small soap that suits you best. If you are looking for the perfect gift, then take a look at our selection of natural soaps and beauty gifts.


De La Grace is still a small business, but we dream and plan to promote nature and organic to a big vision. We not only sell locally and on a small scale, we also hope to gain interest from different countries around the world. We enjoy the love and loyalty of more and more customers. We will never stand still. As we push boundaries and explore new possibilities, our product range continues to expand.


We are shipping to many countries/regions around the world.